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Shark Week Watch ‘Shark Cat’ Clean Up !

Hysterical footage..
Funny thing..
we all stare
Had to laugh at myself,
but I do find this almost like watching a fish tank…
only more fun!

Reality tv show just launched last night..
see if you like it as much as the CAT!
Tough call!

Super Heros! Are you a Super Hero to Your Family?

EN Superhero post


This weekend, was another life changing moment for me!!!

  • I saw people “get it” for the first time in this industry!
  • I saw people “breakthrough” like never before
  • I saw people “jump for joy”, for the first time in many years..


Because we all feel it in our hearts..

This is REAL!!!

Let me tell you..

Empower Network is a movement..

It is a chance to BE the change for so many others!

It is an opportunity for all of us be better and help others live up to their God given potential!

So all I can say to you is that you deserve to be in the midst of this positive super heros energy..

We are evolving and out products and training is like nothing else in the home based business industry!!

If you haven’t seen the new video that explains it all…

Click Here To Check Out the New Info Video!

I am ready to see you succeed..

I am pumped up about life and I KNOW you want to be pumped up too!

You don’t have to struggle anymore.
You don’t have to worry
You don’t have to pray without true faith any longer..

You can have whatever you want.

In fact, by you just getting started here, everything can change!

So after my swim this morning, I encourage you to

join me in this life changing adventure.

I challenge you to take a step towards your dreams..

I challenge you to believe!

I challenge you to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT!

So repeat after me..

“If it is to be..it’s up to me!”

So that’s it for now…

I gotta run..

Just get in now…

I’ll see you on the other side!!! Be the Super Heros to your family!

To your success,

Karen Ellis

EN optin

New Super Stars, Industry Leaders from Steamy Jungles of Thailand Tell All

Season 1 of “Reality Show” Adventures
On The Paradise Island of Phuket Thailand,
our members are telling their personal

Our community has grown  BIG
in the last 2 weeks, not everyone
knows the magnitude of what we
created in the month of May.

2 months ago, 32 Project AWOL’ers
were invited out to Thailand to
take part in the what will be the
greatest marketing piece this
industry has ever seen.

Project AWOL is a $260,000 REAL
reality show produced by a
Hollywood camera crew learning
how to create another way of
life for themselves.

10 of our cast members are on a
Hangout right now talking about
their experience in the
jungles of Thailand.


Karen Ellis

Phuket, Thailand or Would you like to go AWOL? Another Way of Living?


Most of us think of this word meaning something to do with the military,
being away without leave..but for many of us it means Another Way of Living.

You see, in May, I went to Phuket, Thailand to be in a Reality Show.

AWOL week one

Yes, me, not a movie or tv star, but a long time international Flight attendant.


Eight of us each week stayed at 2 gorgeous mansions

MANSION inPhuket

complete with our personal
chef staff and housekeeping staff.

Joom and cooks

We were served gourmet Thai food prepared just to our orders

Phuket FOOD
and drivers took us all over to our adventures.
All the while being photographed by a Hollywood film and sound crew



that got just about everything we did or said.


Next day we went to the Children’s Orphanage to repaint their classrooms.

Groupat Mural

See, in 2004 the Tsunami devastated the coastal towns/cities and the orphanage
was rebuilt but needed much TLC= repainting.



While it was over 90 degrees and OVER 90% humidity, no air conditioning, no fans,
we taped the rooms, scraped the walls, and repainted all while being filmed.
It was an amazing experience, a super good feeling despite the discomfort of heat/humidity.
Nothing like that ever felt so good.
Late in the evening, we were all so wound up, we had a giant PAINT FIGHT!
Leftover paint we swiped on each others faces, clothes, arms everywhere!

Fun times!
MORE TO FOLLOW!  Dedicated to Another Way of Living!