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Cain’s Arcade Film, HELP ALL Kids become Entrepreneurs and Support Creativity in Kids!


Help Us Engage 1 Million Kids in 70 Countries in Creative Play!
The global response to “Caine’s Arcade” inspired us to launch a non-profit Imagination Foundation

to foster creativity and entrepreneurship in kids everywhere!

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9-year-old Caine Monroy spent his summer vacation building an

elaborate DIY cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store,

and asked people to play. The entire summer went by, and Caine

had yet to have a single customer, until one day, a filmmaker named Nirvan Mullick

stopped to buy a door handle for his car. What happened next inspired this movie,

and launched a global movement to foster imagination and creativity in kids everywhere.

Watch “Caine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement”

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to help foster creativity and entrepreneurship in kids.
Help us engage 1 million kids in 70 countries in creative play

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Caine is recruiting STAFF to help the Caine’s Arcade Imagination Foundation.

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We made Caine a new shirt that says “BOSS” that only he has.


Shark Week Watch ‘Shark Cat’ Clean Up !

Hysterical footage..
Funny thing..
we all stare
Had to laugh at myself,
but I do find this almost like watching a fish tank…
only more fun!

Reality tv show just launched last night..
see if you like it as much as the CAT!
Tough call!

Found Treasure 500+ Vintage 100% Original Classic Chevys to be Auctioned

Amazing treasure trove of over 500+ 100% Original Classic Chevys are to be auctioned off in September.
VIDEO at end of Post-
One family had a Chevy Dealership for over 50 years and kept the autos stored.
Many of the Chevys have less than 5 miles on the odometers.
Some still had the original Price sticker on the car window, and plastic on the seats.
Lots and lots of ‘NOS’ or New Old Stock- which means in original packaging, never used or sold
auto parts, signs, tires etc were found in the old dealership.
One of my passions is Vintage Autos and finding all of these vehicles in one place is like
the finding treasure, finding original antiques in near mint or mint condition that no one
ever knew about hidden in a barn somewhere!
Watch here for this rare treasure find.

The survivoring cars of the Lambrecht collection
Hidden away in rural Nebraska by a former Chevy dealer for nearly five decades,
a trove of Chevy cars and trucks from the ’60s that never drove further than a
howroom will go up for sale this September.
Dedicated to your Passion,
Karen Ellis