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Tiny House Living, Guests Coming, Roll Out Guest Bed Plans

Roll Out Guest Bed Plans– Free in Link

Andrew Odom over at Tiny Revolution being a creative soul,videod his new roll out guest bed.

With the help of Malissa Tack a fellow tiny houser and 3D grpahics Designer they together produced some great plans. I would love to have these design folks as my close friends and neighbors.
When you see this video, you will surely want to make one to have, TINY House or not!

Using simple ‘hardware store’ materials, Andrew built a dual wooden accordion mechanism which opens up to become the bed platform and then the other one opens to be the bed support. Instead of a Murphy Bed, this is a simple way of knowing you are set up for guests and have a decorative piece of built in furnishing.

Watch the video and then you go to Drew’s website http://tinyrevolution.us/ where you can download the plans for free!

Fold out bed

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HAPPY FRIDAY folks! Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Joins with Jimmy Fallon for Remake- FAMILY FRIENDLY

Blurred Lines  Robin Thicke joins with Jimmy Fallon and his house band Roots
to make a Family Friendly version of the hit song.

If you’re wondering how this ensemble handles the tune’s
infamously un-kid-friendly line — you know
what I’m talking about; “you’re the hottest (bleep) in the place” —I won’t spoil the surprise.
I’ll just assure you it’s funny and comedy gold, so make sure to watch for it.

Fallon is using kid music toys to make a niche for himself.. another successful niche!

Hope you enjoyed this version, even kids will love it!

Have a Successful and Great weekend!
Karen Ellis
Season 1 premiers Tuesday Night.

First Video, Vlogging for business!

Here we go. My mentor, Ben urged me to get a video up and running.
Vlogging for Business

I do know intellectually and from social proof,
videos and images really do show people that you
are real and not a bot.
People relate to other people.
Some say, ‘gee if she can do it, LOL, so can I”
or, ‘hmmm, I like what she has to say and I believe her’
or ‘let me watch and see how she improves, maybe I will join her’.

It is an interesting thing, we humans.
Lots of us have tried numerous things to get our point across.
With technology and super small phones with great cameras/videos
in them, we can get footage from anywhere and anytime.
Today, I did one while I was going through an automatic car wash!
Kind of goofy, so I didn’t upload it here.
LOL, I felt like I was in an ‘I LOVE LUCY’ episode…Which I can’t
locate the clip right now.
Anyway, I got several short videos and one of the key elements to a good video is
one that engages others, you have a good message,
speak from the heart, and keep it relatively short.
2 out of 3 is not bad for a beginner VLOGGER.
This one will be the first of many videos to share life, business and fun.
Vlogging for business

Let me know what you think. I promise I will keep working on my video technique and message!

To Our Success!
PS. IF you have any good ideas/tips on how to make fun and engaging short videos, please comment
below. I would love to hear your suggestions, good ones!

Super Heros! Are you a Super Hero to Your Family?

EN Superhero post


This weekend, was another life changing moment for me!!!

  • I saw people “get it” for the first time in this industry!
  • I saw people “breakthrough” like never before
  • I saw people “jump for joy”, for the first time in many years..


Because we all feel it in our hearts..

This is REAL!!!

Let me tell you..

Empower Network is a movement..

It is a chance to BE the change for so many others!

It is an opportunity for all of us be better and help others live up to their God given potential!

So all I can say to you is that you deserve to be in the midst of this positive super heros energy..

We are evolving and out products and training is like nothing else in the home based business industry!!

If you haven’t seen the new video that explains it all…

Click Here To Check Out the New Info Video!

I am ready to see you succeed..

I am pumped up about life and I KNOW you want to be pumped up too!

You don’t have to struggle anymore.
You don’t have to worry
You don’t have to pray without true faith any longer..

You can have whatever you want.

In fact, by you just getting started here, everything can change!

So after my swim this morning, I encourage you to

join me in this life changing adventure.

I challenge you to take a step towards your dreams..

I challenge you to believe!

I challenge you to make it happen NO MATTER WHAT!

So repeat after me..

“If it is to be..it’s up to me!”

So that’s it for now…

I gotta run..

Just get in now…

I’ll see you on the other side!!! Be the Super Heros to your family!

To your success,

Karen Ellis

EN optin

In 60 Days Your Blogging World Will Flip Like Crazy

In 60 Days your blogging experience will never be the same…
some are even saying it will rival WordPress and Facebook.
Launch ENV2

The exciting news is what’s about to be launched 60 days from now
is a new platform that has been in development
for over a year and has cost over 3 million,
making the online experience as seamless and effortless as possible.
The easiest way to describe is would be to take WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, TypePad
and combine all of their best attributes
into one plug and play platform that can be called ‘grandma proof’.
Everyone wants Simple but effective!

I got a peak of what is called ENV2 and I can say consumers have wanted this for years.

The One Button Approach:
The revolutionary media platform is broken down into 3 different functions that are all wrapped into one.

It has the easiest 2 click blogging element that we have never seen before anywhere else,
it has a mobile app so that you can
take videos/pictures and upload almost instantly,
voice notes,
with a push of a button (available for all android and Apple mobile devices).
It also has a sales engine for those of you that like to earn money from your blog.

The best part is, there is NO set up other than downloading the app to your phone
and the rest is taken care of.
I am so excited because it will change blogging for all people all over the world.
Brand New bloggers can walk into a
TURN KEY platform
LESS time Setting Up,
Fully Customizable
‘Grandma Proofed’

For the avid blogger with a large following the mobile app side of things will let you

“Speak” with a simple click of the button and real time comments, updates, social media features and notices.
bear at computer
And for the people that earn an income with their blog it has been designed and ruthlessly tested

over and over and over again to do just that…earn you an income.

Everything from the design,possible banner combo’s, colors, fonts etc etc has been designed and tested

to maximize all of your traffic that you drive to your blog.

Happy old man at pc

Here’s the best part.

ENV2 is linked with an authority site so anything that you want to promote on your blog

whether it be a product, service or if you’re self employed like a realtor, mortgage broker

or a small business…

You will outrank and place higher than your competition on Google all-day-long.

Means more eyes on your blog, meaning more income for you.

ENV2 is in pre-launch and will be unveiled mid Sept for the public.

You can be a part of the pre-launch use the existing platform.
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