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1Hot Jungle, 2 Mansions, 4 Amazing Women, 4 Cool Dudes, 1 Hollywood Camera Crew = 1 Riveting Show, Stay Tuned

New Entertainment Coming…One more tip before it’s live Sent Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Project AWOL reality show is getting closer and closer.

In fact, we are discussing the launch tonight at 9p on our team webinar

You can be one of the first guests to watch episode 1 of season 1

This may sound a little crazy, but I believe this show is a bigger deal than a summer blockbuster.

Let me explain:

People all over the nation (and the world) follow the buzz of a summer blockbuster

sometimes weeks in advance. I know my friends did before

Guiermo del Toro’s recent flick
Iron Man 3,
Ridley Scott’s Prometheus
and others.

They start researching insider info before the movie’s release date.

They get focused. They anticipate a great time.

I get pumped up for a great blockbuster,

but I also realize ..life goes on.

Same as it did before.

Project AWOL show is different.

You are going to witness proven life-changing information.

You are going to be given solutions that immediately

improve the quality of your life

I believe this first episode is a bigger deal
than even the biggest summer blockbuster.
It is about us, real people who make changes.

I’m reposting “Create A Life With Project A.W.O.L.” to make sure you’re 100% prepared:



I posted Project A.W.O.L.’s photo album from Thailand just for fun!




To OUR Success!
Win Win Win

Karen Ellis

Live Long and Prosper! Yoga and Star Trek… what do they have in common?

Another Way of Living.
When you do what you love the $ will follow.
And Tao sure lives up to that and vibrantly.
Today I feel inspired by so many things.
The weather-is good.
Exercising- endorphins galore!
Just a little bit of hope that we don’t have to decline
as our bodies age.
Exercise, good foods, balance, fun, laughter, giving to
others, persistence, perseverence, and always learning
are just a few things that keep you young.
I have to start yoga soon-
Tao gives me inspiration!

Perhaps yoga is the secret to a happy old-age?

Even after a total hip replacement in the early 2000s,
Tao Porchon-Lynch continues to teach students yoga
at 5am everyday.

The energetic 93-year-old, from Westchester,
who has been practicing yoga for over 70 years
also does the waltz, jitterbug, samba and
cha cha cha in her spare time.

‘I also like to do foxtrot – all the crazy ones,’
she laughs, describing dancing the tango as
being like drinking champagne.

After practicing yoga in her youth in India
the former model and actress moved to the
US when she was in her early 30s.

After a career in Hollywood movies and on
television Porchon-Lynch began working
with UniTel in the 1960s, establishing
TV stations in India.

She has since been teaching yoga to
students in India, France, and the USA
for more than 45 years including
certifying 400 other teachers.

‘I do yoga before I go to bed and I do
yoga with my students when I get up
in the morning,’ she said.

Tao in India
‘I’m up every morning at 5 o’clock and I usually go to bed around midnight.’
ts just a matter of putting your mind on it.’

The yogi also leads trips to India, where she estimates she has been at least 25 times.

‘There’s so much to learn and I just feel I don’t have enough time to learn everything,’ the inspirational Porchon-Lynch says.

‘The greatest thrill that you can really have is to see someone who says I cant do it and show them they can.’

Porchon-Lynch has just published her first book, Reflections: The Yogic Journey Of Life.

Following a total hip replacement when she was 84 years old, doctors said her flexibility would never be the same.

Proving them wrong, she has since taken up ballroom dancing.

‘I’m very stubborn about it. When people say it cant be done, I have to do it.’
Tao Porchon-Lynch
Karen Ellis

The Season 1 premier is coming Tuesday of the reality show we filmed in Thailand.
#Project AWOL.
Another Way of Living

PS> OH YEA.. YOGA and Star Trek, what do they have in common? both have been around forever and keep us young!

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2091191/Tao-Porchon-Lynch-93-year-old-yoga-teacher-whos-flexible-students.html#ixzz2aq87CNjU

#Project A.W.O.L. ‘Entrepreneurial’ Reality Show, Living In Style!

May 2013 I spent a week with 7 other cast members in
Phuket,Thailand filming our team’s #Project A.W.O.L.
an entrepreneur reality show!
32 members were interviewed and chosen to participate in this project!

Each week in May 2013, 8 members, primarily from team #Project A.W.O.L.
were interviewed and filmed while living the $100,000 a month lifestyle!

Nighttime mansionphuket
Thailand Mansion Nighttime
Our amazing leaders Kameron George and Glenn Arcaro as well as
Dakota Mclearn came together with Glenn’s Hollywood contacts to
film and record this as a reality show in two mansions in Thailand
and surrounding countryside equipped with drivers, house cleaning
staff, and private chefs!
No one in our industry has ever done this this and I am grateful
that I was part of the AWOL experience in May.

The #Project A.W.O.L. Reality Show will feature the inspirational stories of each cast member!

We had excursions each week which was filmed by the Hollywood film crew
and was edited by the best in Hollywood.
We were interviewed and filmed, doing a “SHARK TANK” episode,
a race, Thai Boxing, a charity Giving event,
and a day of play on a yacht.
A.W.O.L. “Another Way Of Life” for us!
How many mansions do you see!
A glimpse into the $100,000 a month lifestyle #Project A.W.O.L. members experience!

TWO INFINITY POOLS ~ one a salt water pool.  Got your Attention?


Living the LIFE!!


The KITCHENS were Perfect for Entertaining!

Most of the cooking was done in the Outdoor Kitchen

The Folding Doors in the LIVING ROOM opened up to the INFINITY POOL



Pretty awesome ‘Set’ for the #Project A.W.O.L. Reality Show!

Now that you’ve seen a sneak peak of what’s to come

with the Elite Group of Entrepreneurs we have here in #Project A.W.O.L., don’t you wish you were there?
Seeing it ‘live’ makes the pictures incomparable. ‘FOLLOW ME’ if you want to see what’s to come.
Still clueless about what #Project A.W.O.L. Reality show is?
My friends and I are enjoying Another Way Of Life!
Because WE made a decision to and so can YOU!!!
I’m here to tell you that the 40/40/40 method we are taught (work 40 hours a week, for 40 years and then,

if lucky, retire on 40% of your income) does NOT work, is outdated, obsolete, due to corporations downsizing OR firing people.

At #Project A.W.O.L. are at the point in our lives where we can choose this way of life over the usual way.
I am well on my way to making a big change in my life…wanna come?

Stay Tuned! or GET IN NOW!!!



Do YOU want to Change your Lifestyle? Are you a Project A.W.O.L ?

Are you Dreaming of a Different Lifestyle?

People are changing their lives daily and #PROJECT AWOL is the instrument to being FREE!
Do you have a Huge Desire to make a difference in your family’s life? …
Giving back to the community and a favorite charity?


Join Us at #Project AWOL
Another Way of Life!

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