Stunning photos of partially frozen Niagara Falls

Stunning photos of partially frozen Niagara Falls

The polar vortex that has gripped the U.S.
and Canada this week has led to some
spectacular icy images.
The latest come from Niagara Falls,
which partially froze on Tuesday,
when the high temperature was a
record low of minus 2 degrees.
Niagra Falls frozen
Aaron Harris, a photographer for Reuters,
took several shots of the 167-foot falls on Wednesday.
The ice formed on the U.S. side of the falls,
which straddle the border
between the United States and Canada.

Niagra falls part frozen
While unusual, it’s not the
first time Niagara Falls has frozen.
Photographs from the early- and mid-1900s
archived at the Niagara Falls Public Library
appear to show frozen falls,
though some experts have
questioned their authenticity.

Niagra falls partly frozen
Of course, the eye-catching freeze
did not completely stop the water from flowing.

According to,
only once, in 1848,
“has freezing weather caused the
thousands of cubic feet of water per second
flowing over the Niagara Falls to run dry,
an event thought to have been
caused by ice jamming and damming upriver.”

According to forecasters,
Tuesday’s partial freeze
should thaw later this week,
when the temperature at Niagara Falls
is expected to rise to 46 degrees.
by Dylan Stableford.

Image this earlier this week of Chicago Navy Pier-
FRIGID weather in Chicago
How cold is it where you are?
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Article found today-Dylan Stableford.

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