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Coco Chanel Was Definitely a Nazi


 April 3, 2012 – a Fascinating read.

That’s quite a statement isn’t it?

You may have heard rumblings about this back in August 2011 when author Hal Vaughan released his book Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War. 

But I don’t think we’ve really heard enough about it. I don’t really think we got a firm grip on the fact that today’s most coveted handbags, perfumes and tweed jackets are the creations of  a confirmed Nazi spy who cavorted with SS officers at the Hotel Ritz throughout the war and became the richest woman in the world thanks to the Nazi seizure of all Jewish-owned property and business enterprises.

At the time of the release of Hal Vaughan’s book, CHANEL® dismissed the claims about its founder saying this,

“More than 57 books have been written about Gabrielle [Coco] Chanel. To decide for yourself, we would encourage you to consult some of the more serious ones.”

So apparently Mr. Vaughan is not a serious book-writer, a ‘trash novelist’ shall we say. Let’s just be sure and check what Wikipedia has to say about the author:

“American author based in Paris, France. He has held several posts as a US Foreign Service officer before becoming a journalist on assignments in Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. He has also served in the United States Military in both World War II and Korea, and was involved in a number of covert intelligence activities as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer at Karachi and Geneva during the Cold War. His French-born wife, now deceased, worked with the U.S. intelligence community in Geneva. Vaughan has intimate knowledge of clandestine, international operations.”

Hmm. Seems pretty serious to me. So I think I might to stick with the guy who has ‘intimate knowledge of clandestine, international operations’, over Chanel’s PR team on this one.

Author Hal Vaughan

Chanel’s PR team also said this in retaliation to some of the book’s claims:

“We know that she and [Winston] Churchill [British PrimeMinister during WWII] were close friends for a long time. She apparently approached him about acting as an intermediary between the Allies and the Germans for a peace settlement known as Operation Modelhut. No one knows for sure exactly what happened or what her role was to be. There are several different versions and it will no doubt always remain a mystery.”

Well let’s look into this “Operation Modelhut” and the events leading up to it and see if we can’t get a clearer image of Coco’s activity during the war that Chanel’s PR team today finds so blurry and mysterious.

A quick Google later ….

One doesn’t have to stray further than our old friend Wikipedia, which claims:

Archival documents verify that Chanel herself was a Nazi spy, committing herself to the German cause as early as 1941, when she became a paid agent of General Walter Schellenberg, chief of SS intelligence.

But why would Coco Chanel have sympathized with the Nazis?

There are reports about Coco’s ‘violent loathing of Jews‘. When the war began, Chanel was already in a romantic relationship with German aristocrat, Gunther von Dincklage, who “reported directly to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, right hand of Hitler¹.

Chanel’s PR team tried to squirm their way out of this one too, stating,

“The timing of this romance with a German was unfortunate even if Baron Von Dincklage’s mother was English and their relationship started before the war.”

Combine this with the knowledge that Chanel’s early life was spent holed up in strict  convents demanding the ‘rigorous indoctrination of the Catholic faith’, and you start to get an idea of where she might have taken a wrong turn.

As soon as war broke out in Europe, Coco closed her shops causing three thousand women to lose their jobs at a time when they needed them the most. She stated that this was ‘not a time for fashion’. It is speculated this was a spiteful move against her workforce who had forced Chanel to close several years earlier during a general labor rights strike in France.

With her business operation now closed, Chanel had time to fully dedicate herself to a political cause. It just so happened to be the enemy’s cause.

While most of Paris was being booted out of their own homes during the German occupation, Chanel was living in luxury at the hotel Ritz throughout most of the war– thanks to her relationship with with her German Aristocrat and Nazi propaganda officer.

Of course her neighbors also taking residence at the hotel were none other than Nazi general officers, agents, and spies, including Hermann Goering and Joseph Goebbels.

Coco Chanel standing on her balcony of her suite at the Ritz Hotel

Amongst her circle of friends, Coco allegedly made no secret of her conviction that Jews were a ‘Bolshevik threat to Europe’.

In documents unearthed by author Hal Vaughan, it was revealed that Chanel used her ‘Aryan rights’ to take full advantage of the Nazi seizure of all Jewish-owned property and businesses.

Adolf Hitler posing for a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower

Indeed, her most profitable product, a little perfume called Chanel No. 5, had been fully financed by a Jewish family, the Wertheimers.

On May 5, 1941, Coco Chanel wrote to the government department in charge of the handling of Jewish financial assets.

These are her words in the letter:

 “Parfums Chanel is still the property of Jews … and has been legally ‘abandoned’ by the owners. I have an indisputable right of priority. The profits that I have received from my creations since the foundation of this business…are disproportionate.”

Ultimately, Chanel was awarded the wartime profits from the sale of her perfume, including share of two percent of sales which amounted to the equivalent of $25 million a year in modern currency.  This made her the richest woman in the world at that time– thanks to the Nazis.

In an odd turn of events, she also managed to get Pierre Wertheimer to agree to pay all of her living expenses for the rest of her life. She later proclaimed that Pierre Wertheimer was “the bandit who screwed me”.

So far, Coco doesn’t sound like the type of woman you’d want to buy a handbag from. But it doesn’t end there. Let’s take a look at her activities as an actual Nazi spy.

At some point, Chanel ceased to be the glamorous Hotel Ritz entertainer of Nazi officers and profiter of Jewish suffering, and became a Nazi officer herself.

As the paid agent of General Walter Schellenberg, chief of SS intelligence, Chanel’s secret identity was Abwehr Agent 7124, code name “Westminster”, as discovered in the archive research for Vaughan’s book, Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel’s Secret War.

The richest man in Europe at the time, Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel

Her code name “Westminister” was a tribute to her former lover of 10 years, the Duke of Westminster– the wealthy British royal who was openly anti-semitic and infamously named one of his dogs “Jew”. It was in this circle that Chanel had previously spent time with figures such as the soon-to-be Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

In 1943, two years before the war ended, Coco travelled with her Nazi lover and German aristocrat to Berlin for “Operation Modellhut,” which if you’ll recall from the Chanel’s PR statement, was intended to be a “peace settlement” between the Allies and the Germans.

This isn’t technically too far from the truth, however should it have succeeded, this would have been a very different kind of “peace settlement”– perhaps the kind that would have resulted in most of Europe speaking in German today.

Chanel met with Heinrich Himmler, one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust, in 1943

Coco’s  “Operation Modellhut” trip to Berlin in 1943 was for the purpose to meet and strategize with SS Reichsführer, Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapi, one of the most powerful men in Nazi Germany and ‘one of the persons most directly responsible for the Holocaust’ [wikipedia].

Together with Coco’s SS master, Schellenberg, they came up with a plan to pressure Britain to end hostilities with Germany by using an intermediary to deliver a letter from Chanel to Winston Churchill, via the British embassy in Madrid. It’s unclear why the Nazis thought a letter from Chanel could end their war with the British, but something tells me there was a much deeper and sinister plan in the works.

It’s also worth mentioning that records reveal an SS officer was ordered to “deliver a large sum of money to Chanel in Madrid.”  What exactly this money was intended for remains a mystery because the mission ultimately failed.

Lombardi denounced Chanel and others involved as Nazi spies in 1943

Chanel had duped an old friend, Vera Lombardi into being their intermediary. The British aristocrat had been convinced by Coco to come to Spain and explore the possibilities of establishing the Chanel couture in Madrid. Chanel had no such intentions.

But as British intelligence files reveal, the mission failed as soon Miss Lombardi figured out her real purpose in Spain. Upon arrival at the British embassy in Madrid, Lombardi denounced Chanel and others involved as Nazi spies.

If we have all this documentation, why was Chanel never prosecuted?

Funnily enough, none of the documentation was unveiled until author Hal Vaughan went sniffing around the British and American archives.

But of course, that’s no coincidence…

Chanel was in fact called in for interrogation, once by the Free French Purge Committee in 1944 and again to confront accusations brought against her during the war crime trial of Baron Louis de Vaufreland, a French aristocrat who had defected to the Nazi intelligence.

Nuremberg trial defendents

But both times, she was released and escaped from prosecution thanks to a lack of “documented evidence of her collaboration activity” and thanks to her friends in high places, allegedly including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. According to Chanel’s grand-niece, Gabrielle, when Chanel returned home from the interrogations in 1944 she said, “Churchill had me freed”.

But isn’t it funny how all this documented evidence is available to us now, when less is at stake for the parties involved.

What parties involved you ask?

Is Coco Chanel’s Nazi cover up a conspiracy to protect the past reputation of the Royal family?

When the true extent of the horror of the holocaust began to unravel at the end of the war, Chanel’s numerous close relations with anti-semitic and Nazi-sympathizing British  officials, aristocrats and members of the royal family became a big threat. Remember the Duke of Westminster and his dog named “Jew”? Yeah.

The Duke and Duchess of Westminster greeted by Hitler

Allegedly Winston Churchill had the British ambassador in Paris ensure the ‘protection’ of Chanel.

There were a lot of people that wanted to keep things under the carpet and if Coco Chanel testified at trial, some devastating truths were likely to be exposed.

And so Chanel was never prosecuted as a traitor or a Nazi spy and went on to own the most successful fashion house in the world, now coincidentally run by a German as head designer.

While French women in post-war France accused of sleeping with German soldiers were dragged into town squares, stripped and shaved, their breasts marked with swastikas while mobs of men stood and laughed– Chanel continued to thrive with her fashion house, fully financed by the Wertheimers, the same Jewish family she had tried to ruin during the war.

And while the Parisians were hesitant to buy her creations in the years following the war, her couture come-back was unsurprisingly applauded and well-received by the British, followed by the Americans.

Chanel was also kind enough to continue supporting her Nazi SS friends even after the war too. In 1946, her SS master Schellenberg was sentenced at Nuremberg for war crimes but was later released when he was diagnosed with liver disease. Chanel paid for his medical care and living expenses with his family in Italy until he died.

Chanel’s friend and biographer Marcel Haedrich once said,

“If one took seriously the few disclosures that Mademoiselle Chanel allowed herself to make about those black years of the occupation, one’s teeth would be set on edge.”

Still lusting after that Chanel handbag?

Hal Vaughan’s book Sleeping with the Enemy: Coco Chanel, Nazi Agent is available on Amazon now.

A Hunk Of Planet Dissolves Before Our Eyes

A Hunk Of Planet Dissolves Before Our Eyes

It begins with a growl.
Then there’s a crack — a slurpy, sucky, crunchy noise.
A guy is on the phone, and his pal interrupts him and says,
“It’s starting, Adam, I think. Adam? It’s starting …”

The two are up on a bluff, overlooking a giant ice field.
They are standing next to time-lapse cameras.
What happens next is astonishing:
An enormous frozen, icy hunk of our planet suddenly opens,
splits into bits and then sinks right before our eyes into the sea.
It happens so, so quickly.
And the scale of it?
That’s the part that shocked me.
When they superimpose part of Manhattan Island
onto the ice at the end of the clip,
you think, “Uh oh.”
This is a peek into something monstrous.

The video comes from photographer James Balog’s film, CHASING ICE.
The two guys on the bluff at the beginning
are part of Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey team,
which maintains scores of time-lapse cameras
overlooking glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, Canada,
the Rockies and the Himalayas.
During daylight hours, they watch and record.
Then they share what they see with scientists and National Geographic,
and turn the footage into movies and TV shows.

Losing All The Ice In The World? Let Me Calculate …

What they’re seeing, of course, is ice disappearing from mountain tops,
from ice fields, from the poles.

Perito Moreno Glacier LagoArgentina Glacier calving
Seeing it go this quickly in so many places,
raises the obvious question:
How long will it be before there isn’t any ice left?
We’ve had such moments before in earth history;
it’s certainly possible. We have lived in a gentle age where,
every winter, one can take a trip to someplace white
to see a snowy mountaintop,
a distant glacier creeping down a slope,
or an iceberg in the distance.
Come summer, the whiteness retreats.
It’s a lovely balance.
But how long will that last?

When Henry Pollack
(a professor emeritus of geophysics at the University of Michigan)
was asked,
he answered, “Losing all the ice in the world?
I think sometime between a thousand and 10,000 years
encompasses most probabilities.”


A thousand years is not a lot of time.
As says in , Apocalyptic Planet,
10 centuries ago Europeans were busy building cathedrals.
Chinese merchants were sending flotillas to trade with Africans.
“I was thinking we had more time,” Craig says.

Konrad Steffen thinks Craig is right.
A University of Colorado climatologist,
Steffen figures (or figured, a couple of years ago)
that Greenland might be iceless in 10,000 years,
but Antarctica (being much bigger)
will take a lot longer to turn bare.

But that’s an endpoint.
It’s the middle passage
that has so many scientists worried.
Steffen tells Childs,
“Greenland and Antarctica are very remote,
and were considered to be big ice boxes
that responded not very fast to climate change.
We never developed a mechanism to observe them
until we had satellites and lasers.
Now we see some surfaces lowering up to 50 meters per year.”
He repeated that number, to make sure Craig heard.
“Fifty — five-zero — meters per year.”
That’s a vertical drop of about 150 feet.
In two years, that’s 300 feet.
Then 450.
Year after year — enormous piles of ice melting into the sea.

A lot of water. Coming our way.
By Robert Krulwich.via NPR.
January 31, 2014 8:03 AM

A Hunk Of Planet Dissolves Before Our Eyes


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Man of Steel from Baby’s Perspective, Grab Passion – Blog It!

Man of Steel from Baby’s Perspective

Superman gets us all, even a young 16 mo old baby.

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Shirley Temple, Hollywood Superstar as a child, Flies off on the Good Ship Lollipop

Shirley Temple, Hollywood Superstar as a child, Flies off on the Good Ship Lollipop

Shirley Temple
As a little girl, I was mesmerized
by this darling little girl in
black and white movies.
I even had a Shirley Temple Doll.
My favorite was indeed the
“BRIGHT EYES” film where she sings
“The Good Ship Lollipop”
[Video of song below]Douglas_DC-2

The “ship” in the song is an aircraft;
the scene in Bright Eyes where
the song appears takes place on a
taxiing American Airlines Douglas DC-2.
It was especially popular,
because Shirley had choreographed it.
In the song, the “Good Ship Lollipop”
travels to a candy land.

There is a direct reference
to an airplane in the song:
“Someday I’m going to fly/I’ll be a pilot, too ”
Maybe that is why I decided to fly
at an early age!
Shirley was definitely an inspiration
to millions of children and folks
across the nation.
Little girls everywhere had their mothers
try those little ringlets on them.
Sort of like the braids that BO DEREK wore
in the movie, ’10’. I still see those braids
on women coming back from the Caribbean.
Shirley Temple Black was our
little guiding light for decades.


At one point they tried to put Shirley Temple
into films with MICKEY ROONEY and JUDY GARLAND
for the ‘ANDY HARDY’ series, but the studio
was afraid Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland
would upstage Shirley on her comeback.
Shortly she appeared with Cary Grant
in the ‘BACHELOR and the BOBBY SOXER”.

A talented singer, dancer and actress, Shirley Temple was America’s top box-office draw from 1935 — the year she turned 7 — until 1938, helping lift the spirits of Depression-era Americans with a pert, endearing spunk marked by her ringlet hair, dimples and precociousness.
One of Hollywood’s first true child superstars, Temple was credited with helping save film studio 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy with films such as Curly Top and The Littlest Rebel.

The family statement said that the star known as “America’s Little Darling” died from natural causes at Monday morning. She had recently begun hospice care, according to her nephew, Richard Black.

Bright Eyes endeared Temple’s early relationship with fans when the 1934 film featured her singing On the Good Ship Lollipop. Buoyed by her success, Twentieth Century-Fox soon had 19 writers, known as the Shirley Temple Story Development team, create original stories and adapt classics for her. She eventually appeared in about 40 films, including four memorable features with legendary African-American entertainer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

“People in the Depression wanted something to cheer them up, and they fell in love with a dog, Rin Tin Tin, and a little girl,” she frequently said of her early childhood success.

I will raise a toast to SHIRLEY TEMPLE today
with a ‘Shirley Temple’ “cocktail” which was
a seven up with some grenadine and a cherry!

Here is to a FULL and Happy Life, Shirley, Bright Eyes!

America the Beautiful, Coca Cola’s Super Bowl Ad

America the Beautiful, Coca Cola’s Super Bowl Ad

Behind the Scenes- Excellent!

It is about PEOPLE


Stunning and well presented video on why our country is great.

It is about all People


many layers of colors,

languages, family traditions

all rolled into freedoms we take advantage


sometimes forget.

We forget how hard our ancestors fought for our rights, freedoms

how hard those who came to this land to the promise that is

written on the Statue of Liberty


To OUR Success and All OUR Freedoms,




Saying ‘I Quit’ in a Super Bowl Commercial: 9 Memorable Exits

Saying ‘I Quit’ in a Super Bowl Commercial: 9 Memorable Exits

Woman Quits Dancing a Jig, How to Quit Your Job with Style?

OK, you want to quit your job
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‘SAY’ Sayonara, Adios, Au Revoir, Toodleooo

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Woman Quits Job in GoDaddy Super Bowl Ad


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Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Right Handed Pitcher Gets $155. Million Deal for 7 Yrs.

Masahito Tanaka was on my flight and we didn’t know it,
until we went through customs to an avalanche of
photographers and journalists.
I waved at the cameras but not sure they got my good side!

Masahiro Tanaka
TOKYO — Masahiro Tanaka says he chose to play
for the New York Yankees because
they appreciated him the most
among the many teams who were chasing
the prized signature of the star Japanese pitcher.

Take care of your Team!
In addition to Tanaka’s contract,
the Yankees must pay a $20 million fee
to his Japanese team, the Rakuten Eagles.

Tanaka’s agreement calls for $22 million
in each of the first six seasons
and $23 million in 2020, and it allows him
to terminate the deal ( COOL PERK) after the 2017 season
and become a free agent.

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

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Pharrell Williams “Happy” [vid 4:07] Best Dance Tune! Nabs Oscar Nomination

Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” Best Dance Tune
Nabs Oscar Nomination for “HAPPY”

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The Hollywood Foreign Press Association & InStyle Celebrate The 2014 Golden Globe Awards Season and Miss Golden Globe
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Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories?

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Herculean waves pound Europe

Herculean waves pound Europe

Surfers give chase as historic swell bears down on the coastal regions

Jamie Mitchell flew all the way from Hawaii to France to catch this wave generated by the Hercules storm. Watch what happened to him in the video below. Photo: Laurent Pujol

Jamie Mitchell flew all the way from Hawaii to France to catch this wave generated by Winter Storm Hercules. Watch what happened to him in the video below. Photo by Laurent Pujol

The same storm system that paralyzed the U.S. in a deep freeze is already having a dramatic impact in Europe, where herculean waves are pounding the coasts, attracting curious onlookers and some of the world’s best big-wave surfers to its foreboding shores. Beaches in Ireland, England, France, Spain, and Portugal have all been under siege by surf ranging from 30 to 60 feet.

Professional surfers like Jamie Mitchell and Shane Dorian have been tracking the giant low-pressure system for days, and weighed their options as to where conditions would be optimal before heading to Europe from their winter homes in Hawaii. Get too close to the massive storm and conditions would be too messy. But choose a spot too far away and they’d risk missing some of the biggest and best waves. In their search for a big-wave break sheltered by wind conditions, they decided on a renowned spot called Belharra, off southwest France.

Surfers like Mitchell and Dorian spend their winters chasing one of the coveted Billabong XXL Big Wave awards, the most prestigious honors in the big-wave surfing community. Everyone monitoring the situation on Monday was stunned by the huge spike in wave size that was showing up on weather buoys. Bill Sharp, the Billabong XXL event director, posted the following comment Monday afternoon as surfers were embarking on their quest: “62+ FOOT SEAS were recorded via satellite within the Hercules storm over the Atlantic earlier today. The 62095/M6 Buoy off Ireland leaped to near 40 feet a few hours ago before it quit reporting. (It’s been knocked offline for the last couple of hours … who knows what it’s going through out there right now!) But a 20-foot jump in wave height in just two hours? Hang on, this is about to get really heavy.”

Look closely at the top of this wave and you'll see Shane Dorian backing away. Dorian is a winner of multiple Billabong XXL awards, and was hoping to bag another one here, but couldn't muster the paddle speed. Photo: Alex Laurel

Look closely and you can spot Shane Dorian at the top of this beast. He was hoping to bag another Billabong XXL “Ride of the Year” award with this wave, but it got away from him. Photo: Alex Laurel/Red Bull

If this surfer were 300 miles closer to the storm, this wave would be torn apart by wind, but in southwest France the conditions were close to perfect as 50-to-60 foot waves marched in.

If this surfer were 300 miles closer to the storm, this wave would be torn apart by wind, but in southwest France the conditions were close to perfect as 50- to 60-foot waves marched in. Photo: Alex Laurel/Red Bull

This photo of Lahich in Ireland, taken by George Karbus and posted on his Facebook page, went viral and showcased the start of Hercules’ fury.

This photo of Lahich in Ireland, taken by George Karbus and posted on his Facebook page, went viral and showcased the start of Hercules’ fury.

As of Wednesday, it appears Mitchell, Dorian, and the others surfers who gambled on Belharra reaped the sweetest rewards, as conditions were optimal in southwest France. “Jamie looks to have caught the wave of the day,” says Sharp. “Unfortunately, he fell while trying to make the drop, so he won’t be eligible for Ride of the Year, but it was a valiant effort, and there’s always the biggest wipeout category.”

After reviewing the video of what transpired on a boat afterward, Mitchell was in good spirits. He noted how after traveling all that way, he had to at least try to make the giant beast. “But I’m not sure what else I could have done to make it,” he said.

In the end, the storm seems to have peaked Monday night, meaning some of the biggest waves may have gone unridden. But its sheer size gives Sharp some optimism about what’s possible in the future. “This is the most intense storm I can remember seeing in my 20 years of tracking these things. There was an area bigger than Spain on the Atlantic Ocean with sustained winds of 50 knots. That’s just massive.”

But Sharp, and the surfers who chase waves, know that every single element has to come together for the magic to happen. “In some places it’s pretty clear the swell peaked overnight,” Sharp explains. “In other places the local weather just tore things up, and it was too stormy. But one thing this storm proves is the 100-foot wave is easily possible. All it has to do is match up with the right reef, under the right conditions, during daylight hours

Massive waves hit the Azores Monday, sending an early signal to surfers in Ireland, France and Spain of what was to come. Photo: Antonio Araujo

Massive waves hit the Azores Monday, sending an early signal to surfers in Ireland, France and Spain of what was to come. Photo: Antonio Araujo

Look closely at this photo of waves slamming the coast of Portugal and you can see the fists of Hercules. Unfortunately, the swell was a little messy at Nazare, where some surfers were hoping to score.

Look closely at this photo of waves slamming the coast of Portugal and you can see the fists of Hercules. Unfortunately, the swell was a little messy at Nazare, where some surfers were hoping to score.

The historic Villa Belza in Biarritz, France, standing tall in the face of Hurcules' fury.

The historic Villa Belza in Biarritz, France, standing tall in the face of Hercules’ fury. Photo by Arnaud Texier

The lighthouse in Cornwall England has been getting battered by this storm. Photo: David Clapp/Caters

The lighthouse in Cornwall, England, has been getting battered by this storm. Photo by David Clapp/Caters

Kurt Rist braved the harsh conditions of Mullaghmore Head, Ireland, to nab this beast.

Kurt Rist braved the harsh conditions of Mullaghmore Head, Ireland, to nab this beast.

After posting those Amazing photos of a Partially frozen Niagara Falls,
I stumbled on this article with such great photos.
Enjoy, and Please share this article with others.. I know Lots of folks
would love to see where to surf..or watch in amazement!