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Man of Steel from Baby’s Perspective, Grab Passion – Blog It!

Man of Steel from Baby’s Perspective

Superman gets us all, even a young 16 mo old baby.

Enjoy this, share it!

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To Infinity and Beyond…oops that is another super hero- Buzz Lightyear.

When I first started blogging
I didn’t know what to write about.
So many things interested me, still do.
Then I got some tips and well, I just
post what interests me- sharing it with others.

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Looking for my Cape now,

Shirley Temple, Hollywood Superstar as a child, Flies off on the Good Ship Lollipop

Shirley Temple, Hollywood Superstar as a child, Flies off on the Good Ship Lollipop

Shirley Temple
As a little girl, I was mesmerized
by this darling little girl in
black and white movies.
I even had a Shirley Temple Doll.
My favorite was indeed the
“BRIGHT EYES” film where she sings
“The Good Ship Lollipop”
[Video of song below]Douglas_DC-2

The “ship” in the song is an aircraft;
the scene in Bright Eyes where
the song appears takes place on a
taxiing American Airlines Douglas DC-2.
It was especially popular,
because Shirley had choreographed it.
In the song, the “Good Ship Lollipop”
travels to a candy land.

There is a direct reference
to an airplane in the song:
“Someday I’m going to fly/I’ll be a pilot, too ”
Maybe that is why I decided to fly
at an early age!
Shirley was definitely an inspiration
to millions of children and folks
across the nation.
Little girls everywhere had their mothers
try those little ringlets on them.
Sort of like the braids that BO DEREK wore
in the movie, ’10’. I still see those braids
on women coming back from the Caribbean.
Shirley Temple Black was our
little guiding light for decades.


At one point they tried to put Shirley Temple
into films with MICKEY ROONEY and JUDY GARLAND
for the ‘ANDY HARDY’ series, but the studio
was afraid Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland
would upstage Shirley on her comeback.
Shortly she appeared with Cary Grant
in the ‘BACHELOR and the BOBBY SOXER”.

A talented singer, dancer and actress, Shirley Temple was America’s top box-office draw from 1935 — the year she turned 7 — until 1938, helping lift the spirits of Depression-era Americans with a pert, endearing spunk marked by her ringlet hair, dimples and precociousness.
One of Hollywood’s first true child superstars, Temple was credited with helping save film studio 20th Century Fox from bankruptcy with films such as Curly Top and The Littlest Rebel.

The family statement said that the star known as “America’s Little Darling” died from natural causes at Monday morning. She had recently begun hospice care, according to her nephew, Richard Black.

Bright Eyes endeared Temple’s early relationship with fans when the 1934 film featured her singing On the Good Ship Lollipop. Buoyed by her success, Twentieth Century-Fox soon had 19 writers, known as the Shirley Temple Story Development team, create original stories and adapt classics for her. She eventually appeared in about 40 films, including four memorable features with legendary African-American entertainer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.

“People in the Depression wanted something to cheer them up, and they fell in love with a dog, Rin Tin Tin, and a little girl,” she frequently said of her early childhood success.

I will raise a toast to SHIRLEY TEMPLE today
with a ‘Shirley Temple’ “cocktail” which was
a seven up with some grenadine and a cherry!

Here is to a FULL and Happy Life, Shirley, Bright Eyes!

America the Beautiful, Coca Cola’s Super Bowl Ad

America the Beautiful, Coca Cola’s Super Bowl Ad

Behind the Scenes- Excellent!

It is about PEOPLE


Stunning and well presented video on why our country is great.

It is about all People


many layers of colors,

languages, family traditions

all rolled into freedoms we take advantage


sometimes forget.

We forget how hard our ancestors fought for our rights, freedoms

how hard those who came to this land to the promise that is

written on the Statue of Liberty


To OUR Success and All OUR Freedoms,




Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Right Handed Pitcher Gets $155. Million Deal for 7 Yrs.

Masahito Tanaka was on my flight and we didn’t know it,
until we went through customs to an avalanche of
photographers and journalists.
I waved at the cameras but not sure they got my good side!

Masahiro Tanaka
TOKYO — Masahiro Tanaka says he chose to play
for the New York Yankees because
they appreciated him the most
among the many teams who were chasing
the prized signature of the star Japanese pitcher.

Take care of your Team!
In addition to Tanaka’s contract,
the Yankees must pay a $20 million fee
to his Japanese team, the Rakuten Eagles.

Tanaka’s agreement calls for $22 million
in each of the first six seasons
and $23 million in 2020, and it allows him
to terminate the deal ( COOL PERK) after the 2017 season
and become a free agent.

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Now this is what I call working for a good company!
You make a ton of money and you can become free agent.

Doing what you love, writing about it, or sharing it,
and taking care of your Team- do not ‘burn bridges’
and you come out way ahead in the long run.

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Here is to Your HOME RUN!
Karen Ellis

Pharrell Williams “Happy” [vid 4:07] Best Dance Tune! Nabs Oscar Nomination

Pharrell Williams “HAPPY” Best Dance Tune
Nabs Oscar Nomination for “HAPPY”

Get on your dancing shoes, move some furniture aside..

You are going to love this song of
Pharrell Williams “Happy”.

Didn’t know who he was,

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association & InStyle Celebrate The 2014 Golden Globe Awards Season and Miss Golden Globe
my buddy from UK

sent to me.. Thank you!

During this tune, you can throw away the blues!

Comment and Share!

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Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories? Sign me up!

Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories?

Amazing new product that can be done on the cheap,
but this one is intuitive and learns your schedule
and preferences- height etc.

A few years ago a MD
did a year long study
where he put in into his office,
treadmill desks.

His employees, nurses,
got on the treadmill and
walked at ONLY 1 mph..

They all lost 30lbs or more
during the 1 year test.
Not changing their eating habits,
but by just walking/ moving very slowly
instead of sitting
they all lost weight.
And got healthier.

Along comes this amazing desk in the video below.
Stir Kinetic Desk, JP Labrosse
Who wouldn’t want to

Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories?

What I say is SIGN ME UP!
I want one for sure!
Nothing worse than ‘TB’= Tired Butt.

With ‘tb’ your attention span
goes away fast.
This desk machine would enhance
all your creative skills by leaps!

I tried my own remedy for sitting to long
and that was a mini bike peddler under my
2 minor draw backs while peddling, even slowly
is, a- I wiggle a bit to much to keep typing..
and b- my knees hit the keyboard table.

Back to the drawing board.. so to speak!

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To Our Great Health and Success,


Stunning photos of partially frozen Niagara Falls

Stunning photos of partially frozen Niagara Falls

The polar vortex that has gripped the U.S.
and Canada this week has led to some
spectacular icy images.
The latest come from Niagara Falls,
which partially froze on Tuesday,
when the high temperature was a
record low of minus 2 degrees.
Niagra Falls frozen
Aaron Harris, a photographer for Reuters,
took several shots of the 167-foot falls on Wednesday.
The ice formed on the U.S. side of the falls,
which straddle the border
between the United States and Canada.

Niagra falls part frozen
While unusual, it’s not the
first time Niagara Falls has frozen.
Photographs from the early- and mid-1900s
archived at the Niagara Falls Public Library
appear to show frozen falls,
though some experts have
questioned their authenticity.

Niagra falls partly frozen
Of course, the eye-catching freeze
did not completely stop the water from flowing.

According to,
only once, in 1848,
“has freezing weather caused the
thousands of cubic feet of water per second
flowing over the Niagara Falls to run dry,
an event thought to have been
caused by ice jamming and damming upriver.”

According to forecasters,
Tuesday’s partial freeze
should thaw later this week,
when the temperature at Niagara Falls
is expected to rise to 46 degrees.
by Dylan Stableford.

Image this earlier this week of Chicago Navy Pier-
FRIGID weather in Chicago
How cold is it where you are?
Comment and share!

Article found today-Dylan Stableford.

Dog Pool, Stay Persistant My Friend!


Most darling dog ever!

No matter what you do,
 stay persistent.

Keep going after the ‘Ball’ or Goal
you want
like a dog in a pool. 

Jump on the float to give you leverage

stick with the friends you met online

get encouragement,
ways around the ‘pool’

and paddle like heck 

GRAB that ball
and get your goal,

Win that victory!

No matter how green the water is,

or long it takes you to paddle to your dream


Get in the Dog Pool with me!


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Unreal Photoshopped Celeb Bodies, What do you think?

Unreal Photoshopped Celeb Bodies

Everyone knows that we can transform
images of bodies digitally.

All over the media we see this daily.

When was the last time you were in the grocery line?

Those glossy magazines, show us perfect bodies,
skin so clear, no imperfections…

How is this damaging our sense of reality daily?

8- 18 year old look at media all day long.

The average time to view media is 7.5 hrs daily.

How will they think of their bodies,
and will they want to Surgically want to enhance
just to look like Celeb Photos?

Many 10 year old girls are afraid of being fat.

61% of 6th graders way they are influenced by photos
and how to look skinny.
They think this is the IDEAL body shape.

1/3 of non overweight girls report Dieting by 10 yrs old.

Most people, around 70% think that media should use
more average sized models.

But this blew me away,
they do use some average sized models,
but they digitally
reduce their true size.

What are your Thoughts..
Are Unreal Photoshopped Celeb Bodies hurting or?



Tell me what you think.

Thanks for your comments and Shares.
Karen Ellis


‪How to Keep a Garage Door From Sticking in Freezing Weather‬, Polar Vortex

How to Keep a Garage Door From Sticking in Freezing Weather‬
I brought this post over from my private blog.


How to Give Value- Help with Short Video

During this frigid weather,
the Arctic Blast,
the Polar Vortex,
a friend, Don Sears shared the
valuable short video by Jacob Swenson,
of Specialized Garage Doors.
Both Don and Jacob know a thing or two
about How to keep a garage door from sticking
in freezing weather.

What this short video did for me

was show me
* How to keep the message simple
* Keep the video short.
* Give value, short and sweet

Get your audience (customers/clients)

wanting more!

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Warming up with Arctic Tips,
Karen Ellis



FRIGID weather in Chicago