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Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Right Handed Pitcher Gets $155. Million Deal for 7 Yrs.

Masahito Tanaka was on my flight and we didn’t know it,
until we went through customs to an avalanche of
photographers and journalists.
I waved at the cameras but not sure they got my good side!

Masahiro Tanaka
TOKYO — Masahiro Tanaka says he chose to play
for the New York Yankees because
they appreciated him the most
among the many teams who were chasing
the prized signature of the star Japanese pitcher.

Take care of your Team!
In addition to Tanaka’s contract,
the Yankees must pay a $20 million fee
to his Japanese team, the Rakuten Eagles.

Tanaka’s agreement calls for $22 million
in each of the first six seasons
and $23 million in 2020, and it allows him
to terminate the deal ( COOL PERK) after the 2017 season
and become a free agent.

Masahiro Tanaka Relieved New York Yankees Deal Completed

Now this is what I call working for a good company!
You make a ton of money and you can become free agent.

Doing what you love, writing about it, or sharing it,
and taking care of your Team- do not ‘burn bridges’
and you come out way ahead in the long run.

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Here is to Your HOME RUN!
Karen Ellis

Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories? Sign me up!

Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories?

Amazing new product that can be done on the cheap,
but this one is intuitive and learns your schedule
and preferences- height etc.

A few years ago a MD
did a year long study
where he put in into his office,
treadmill desks.

His employees, nurses,
got on the treadmill and
walked at ONLY 1 mph..

They all lost 30lbs or more
during the 1 year test.
Not changing their eating habits,
but by just walking/ moving very slowly
instead of sitting
they all lost weight.
And got healthier.

Along comes this amazing desk in the video below.
Stir Kinetic Desk, JP Labrosse
Who wouldn’t want to

Work at Your Desk and Burn Calories?

What I say is SIGN ME UP!
I want one for sure!
Nothing worse than ‘TB’= Tired Butt.

With ‘tb’ your attention span
goes away fast.
This desk machine would enhance
all your creative skills by leaps!

I tried my own remedy for sitting to long
and that was a mini bike peddler under my
2 minor draw backs while peddling, even slowly
is, a- I wiggle a bit to much to keep typing..
and b- my knees hit the keyboard table.

Back to the drawing board.. so to speak!

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To Our Great Health and Success,


Dog Pool, Stay Persistant My Friend!


Most darling dog ever!

No matter what you do,
 stay persistent.

Keep going after the ‘Ball’ or Goal
you want
like a dog in a pool. 

Jump on the float to give you leverage

stick with the friends you met online

get encouragement,
ways around the ‘pool’

and paddle like heck 

GRAB that ball
and get your goal,

Win that victory!

No matter how green the water is,

or long it takes you to paddle to your dream


Get in the Dog Pool with me!


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The Pen is Mightier, How Writing Changes Everything! Bic For Women

The Pen is Mightier

Pens of Mass Creation
For those who BLOG

How Writing Changes Everything

or those who journal,
The Pen and written word are some of the
Mightiest ways of making small to Significant changes.

PENS pmi

History and our own lives
have changed just by writing.

Bic for Women Ellen DeGeneres funny Video

The Declaration of Independence is just one example.
It was men who chose to REBEL against Britain,
which at the time was an act of treason.
IF the movement didn’t work, they could have all gotten
It worked!

People who diet, have major success more than others
when they write a daily journal of what they do and eat
and their emotions that day.

Creative people share their poetry
of innermost feelings.

Literacy was for the ELITE class
it was a privilege.
Literacy remained a privilege of aristocratic males
in most societies all the way until the 19th-century,
when public education became more widespread around the world.


Ancient Cuneiform Tablet

Keep BLOGGING my Friends!

All the best in the NEW YEAR 2014!


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Learn to Dance in a Year [vid 1:51, time lapse], Interview with Karen [vid 2:00

Learn To Dance in a Year

Karen Cheng and her

Karen learn to dance in a year with grace and skill.

It took dedication and drive.
Recently she was on Queen Latifah

Interview with Karen Cheng.

Give it
Karen Cheng’s

Does this Inspire you to greatness?

Amazing Swedish Women Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

Amazing Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

You know how it is uncomfortable and hot
wearing a bike helmet?
Bike helmets have not changed in decades.
They are ugly and rigid.
No one wants to get their brains splattered
all over the road, nor a few disfiguring scars.

I love hearing about innovative inventors and entrepreneurs.

BIke helmet woman












Two amazing Swedish women designed an Invisible
helmet that works and is stylish!
And you won’t get ‘Hat Head’ wearing their invisible
bike helmet.
Bike Helmet man












When you see how it works
it all makes sense.
The clever solution that draws from a
number of technologies that are well-established
and familiar will astound you.

The design and engineering
of this amazing helmet is beyond great.
They are really good at getting funding too.
They have received over TEN Million $ in venture capitalism.

Two percent of motor vehicle crash deaths
are bicyclists in the United States.
72% of those fatalities are adults over
the age of 20, and no state has a mandatory
helmet law for adults
(although some cities have local ordinances requiring them for all riders).

So far the helmet is available only in Europe–sold
on the official site for €399 ($535)–and would need to meet U.S.
CPSC requirements to be sold as a helmet stateside.


This helmet is the one for me.
Expensive, but sometimes safety and fashion cost a little more!

To Your Success,


Little Girl Dances to Her Own Beat, Dance Factory Preschool Tap Recital

Don’t ever lose your Inner Dance Diva!
Little Girl’s own Tap routine takes over her spirit!

Dance Factory Preschool Tap Recital has little
girl who dances to her own beat.
The audience truly gets behind this innovative
girl who obviously enjoys herself!

I remember my dance recitals and they were nothing
like this, nor as much fun!
ENJOY and Recapture the Joy of your Inner Child!

Insane Photo: Tardy Surfer Resorts To Cliff Jumping To Catch Up To His Competition

Tardy Surfer Resorts To Cliff Jumping To Catch Up To His Competition

It looks like it takes real commitment when you really want something, you go for it!
Hope you love this as much as I did!
The Postgame Staff.

A surfer in Santa Cruz was running late for his competition so he was forced to improvise.

That improvisation came in the form of a jump off a cliff 30 feet high and into the Pacific Ocean.

“He timed it perfectly,” photographer Allen Hughes told The Daily Mail.

The same could be said of Hughes, who captured the spectacular photo of this anonymous surfer in midair as a huge wave cascaded behind him.


Hughes was alert to the possibility that an intriguing scenario was unfolding at Lighthouse Point.

“Everyone else was watching the surfers out at sea, but then I noticed this guy running along Lighthouse Point,” Hughes told the Mail. “I watched for quite a while and before each heat the surfers would climb down to the end of Lighthouse Point and make a smaller 10 foot jump.

“I noticed this guy run down to the end, he was late for his heat.”

That was Hughes’ cue to lock in on him.

“I could tell he was anxious so I focused my camera on him and before anyone knew it, he ran and jumped off the cliff,” Hughes said. “He timed it perfectly and landed just behind the white water and paddled out. I never did find out who he was. The cliff itself must be 30 foot high and the waves were maybe higher.”

Although we can all marvel at the artistic quality of Hughes’ shot, it ought not to be overlooked that the surfer got away with a rash decision. Not to be a ghoulish buzzkill here, but the outcome could’ve been far less favorable.

Hopefully this was crazy enough to dissuade any copycats jumpers, and perhaps it can be a lesson to all surfers: Pay attention to the time.

For those hardcore photography buffs that might be curious about the gear, according to Metro, Hughes, 65, captured the moment with a Nikon D300S.

Tardy Surfer Resorts To Cliff Jumping To Catch Up To His Competition

Woman Turns Airplane into Home 747

Woman Turns Airplane into Home 747

Makes recycling take on wings!

747 Home


Whatever you want to do, do it with Flair.
Take your passion to the top level, give it wings!
Just don’t hurt any animals or people in the process.

Woman Turns Plane into Home 747

Successful Ad Campaigns


Undies bag

PIg tails bag

Nailbiter bag


Man head bag

Jump rope bag


Hanging bag


Geese bag

Crotch bag




Blood donor bag


Ab bag

The Chinese have a saying that goes something like this:

‘When someone shares

with you something of value,

you have an obligation to

share it with others!’


I just did.. Your turn~!