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HAPPY FRIDAY folks! Blurred Lines Robin Thicke Joins with Jimmy Fallon for Remake- FAMILY FRIENDLY

Blurred Lines  Robin Thicke joins with Jimmy Fallon and his house band Roots
to make a Family Friendly version of the hit song.

If you’re wondering how this ensemble handles the tune’s
infamously un-kid-friendly line — you know
what I’m talking about; “you’re the hottest (bleep) in the place” —I won’t spoil the surprise.
I’ll just assure you it’s funny and comedy gold, so make sure to watch for it.

Fallon is using kid music toys to make a niche for himself.. another successful niche!

Hope you enjoyed this version, even kids will love it!

Have a Successful and Great weekend!
Karen Ellis
Season 1 premiers Tuesday Night.

First Video, Vlogging for business!

Here we go. My mentor, Ben urged me to get a video up and running.
Vlogging for Business

I do know intellectually and from social proof,
videos and images really do show people that you
are real and not a bot.
People relate to other people.
Some say, ‘gee if she can do it, LOL, so can I”
or, ‘hmmm, I like what she has to say and I believe her’
or ‘let me watch and see how she improves, maybe I will join her’.

It is an interesting thing, we humans.
Lots of us have tried numerous things to get our point across.
With technology and super small phones with great cameras/videos
in them, we can get footage from anywhere and anytime.
Today, I did one while I was going through an automatic car wash!
Kind of goofy, so I didn’t upload it here.
LOL, I felt like I was in an ‘I LOVE LUCY’ episode…Which I can’t
locate the clip right now.
Anyway, I got several short videos and one of the key elements to a good video is
one that engages others, you have a good message,
speak from the heart, and keep it relatively short.
2 out of 3 is not bad for a beginner VLOGGER.
This one will be the first of many videos to share life, business and fun.
Vlogging for business

Let me know what you think. I promise I will keep working on my video technique and message!

To Our Success!
PS. IF you have any good ideas/tips on how to make fun and engaging short videos, please comment
below. I would love to hear your suggestions, good ones!

What Would You Do to Have a Great Lifestyle?

This is the premier trailer
of our 4 Seasons for #Project AWOL
AWOL, or Another Way of Living is a
Reality Show filmed entirely in
Phuket, Thailand May 2013.
It was 4 weeks of 8 people
totaling 32 people from
different ages and walks of life.

We met online but were
gathered together in 2 fabulous
Million $ mansions
complete with personal Chefs,
house keepers,
personal drivers and
our own luxury bedrooms
with views of the
Andaman Sea.
I have seen many mansions
in my town of Palm Springs, CA
these mansions were luxurious.
Each mansion had its own
Infinity swimming pool
with views of the Sea.
My experience of this
week transformed me from
just thinking about
making changes to my business
to changing my daily habits,
ideas about my life
and what I want to
contribute to my community
to society at large.
You see, I figured out
that I want to help people
find the same financial
nd spiritual satisfaction
of helping yourself,
your family and the people
who you meet who want
to have a better lifestyle
for their families and towns.
Groupat Mural
Here is us in Season 1
after we painted
the classrooms
for an orphanage.
You see, before this I
was more of a give money
to good causes, but hadn’t
spent much TIME on giving back
with my time and hands on.
Now I know how much satisfaction
there is for TIME donated, besides
money. Time and energy is so
fulfilling to the people you want
to aid, and to yourself.

Join me now!

if you want to make a difference
for yourself or your family.
CLICK HERE NOW to make a difference
in YOUR Lifestyle!
To Your Success,
Karen Ellis

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