Here I Am!

Hey!…Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.

Lifelong traveler as an international flight attendant,
adventure seeker,
I am a seeker of knowledge / history buff~ and textile junkie,

anything vintage

Karen and Karmann Ghia

or anything of great design interests me,

and NATURE of course!

I split my time between flying,
Karen and Dad New Stewardess

‘stirring the pot’,
art, architecture, and enjoying the
humor of life.

Karen Dublin

 While flying I tried a handful of businesses.
I still felt like I wasn’t playing to my full potential.

I like to help and work with people,
but nothing clicked which made less time
for everything else like this little thing called ‘life’…

I read a lot, did personal development
& I discovered that it’s not how much
money you make…

but rather how you
EARN that money that really counts.

Because once You create cash-flow

…You create FREEDOM

I knew that I had to get into the ‘online-world’
and to start making money fast.
Being somewhat nervous/overwhelmed and frustrated,
I trusted my gut and it’s paid off in spades.

See it is all about the right people, the right system,
and develop a simple online skill set that anyone can learn.
This is one of these simple so-called skill sets
that I make money online with…blogging!

The future gets brighter everyday

Feel free to get in touch with me
if you have questions
or  want to exchange ideas,
advice, tips from one entrepreneur to another.

Skype: desertdweller8 or karen ellis

At the end of the day I’m here to show people
that there are options out there… They don’t have to be afraid of the rut, that they
don’t have to accept the status quo, and they
too can create a lifestyle that’s worth telling stories about.

Let’s start writing your story today 🙂

Git onboard!

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